By law and for your privacy we are not allowed to (“the use”) store or gain access to information stored, in your [“terminal equipment”] PC, tablet, smartphone etc. unless we provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the purposes of the storage of, or access to, that information

This site uses a cookie. This is a small text file which (when you access the site) will be downloaded on to your equipment.

This site uses Google Analytics. This allows us to analyse traffic to our site using a number of metrics, for example:

  • The IP address of visitors
    This gives us some idea of the geographical location of our visitors, useful for knowing if our message is getting to the right people, and allowing us to configure our services accordingly.
  • The pages being viewed
    We can see which pages are being viewed, and the path people take through our website.
  • How long people spend on the site
    We can work out whether our content is useful to people.
  • Where people are coming from
    We may run promotions on Facebook, Google Ads or elsewhere. We can tell where people have come from so we know if our advertising is working.
  • Which people are returning
    This is where the cookie is used to know whether you’re a new or returning visitor. This is important because we can work out whether our content inspires people to come back and read more.

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