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Data protection can be complicated. 

It is sensible to choose a specialist to advise you.  

We offer advice in relation to your legal obligations under data protection legislation such as:

The Principles

What the law says you must do when processing personal data

Lawful processing

How to lawfully collect, use, share and retain/ destroy ordinary and ‘special category’ personal data.

Privacy notices

What and how to tell individuals under the GDPR e.g. purpose of processing, legal basis, who you share with etc.

Individual rights

What the rights of individuals are e.g. subject access (SAR’s) and exemptions, erasure, objection and when and how to respond


How to market to individuals lawfully under the GDPR and the privacy (‘PECR’) regulations

Cookies and other tracking technologies

What is required in a Notice and the need for consent

Legal Services
Legal Services 2

CCTV / facial recognition

Legal ground to use, procedures and Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Sharing

How to lawfully share personal data


Appointing a UK and/ or EU representative and your obligations


Due diligence in respect of suppliers who process data for you e.g. I.T support, payroll or cloud services.  Ensuring the necessary GDPR compliant contracts are in place

Record of Processing Activities

What records you need to keep and what should be recorded


Policy and procedure drafting


What the law requires you to do

Data breaches

Assessing risk of harm to individuals after a personal data breach and liaison with the ICO and affected individuals on your behalf.  Advice on your liability.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Assessing privacy risks and putting in place measures to do away/ reduce risk

Overseas transfers

Advice as to how to lawfully export personal data out of and into the UK

DPA/OK can help with the above and more.

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