To avoid potential sanction/ criticism from the Information Commissioner and the individuals whose information you process you need to comply with the law.

You should assess your current level of compliance with data protection law and see what needs to be done to bridge any ‘gap’ between where you are and where you need to get to.

We can do this for you.

We will discuss the nature of your business with you, what personal information you process, why, where it is located, how long you retain it etc. We can then map the ‘flow’ of information in to and throughout your organisation and see who has access to it, who is it shared with etc. We will also review any existing policies and procedures you might have.

This work will tell us what needs to be done as part of a GDPR implementation plan.

In conjunction with a cyber security professional we can also assess any cyber-crime and other technology related risks to the information you process and then look, as part of the GDPR implementation plan, to put in place appropriate measures to keep your information safe.

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